Friday, February 29, 2008

Yves Behar Designer

Another incredibly talented person, an amazing group of accomplishments, most recently the XO laptop for the One Laptop Per Child program, the jawbone headset, the leaf lamp and the reinvention of numerous brands like Birkenstock. very cool unpretentious presentation talking about design and how it can tie to a relationship with social responsibility, value and as he says "the values we put into our design work" that is the big differentiator. He says design is the glue that brings everything together. He fuses values and design. Tackling the One Laptop Per Child
was an amazing effort that is changing the world. He wraps with the NYC Condom program a mindblowing totally different approach to a huge challenge. We can change our values, we can change the companies we work with, we can change the world....sure makes me think about my client base!

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