Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doris Kearns Goodwin love work play

Amazing author sharing insights into Lincoln and LBJ. Lincoln traveled the world through literature. His early life was challenged by tragedy and the death of so many around him. One of the things that made him so successful was his desire to leave a legacy that would outlive him. he did some brilliant things, especially when he appointed his three rivals and former opponents to be his advisers. It was perplexing to everyone at the time and there was thought that said he was giving up control, but he established himself quickly. His greatness came from his integrity of character and selfless approach to resolution.

Her story about LBJ was much more personal. She spent many many hours with him and had a very interesting start to their relationship. She was named a White House Fellow and when dancing with him at a White House reception he whispered that he wanted her to work directly for him. two days later, an article she wrote about how to remove him from office!
He apparently still wanted her to work for him and then said something to the effect of if he couldn't win her over no one could. She wrapped her story about him by making it clear that by never learning to "play", he was unable to enjoy his later years without ever having the opportunity to enjoy life at all. Lincoln, on the other hand was able to play through his love of literature and theater.

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