Wednesday, February 27, 2008

live from TED

okay, so I'm about to head over and get started at TED registration. There's a few events this afternoon, but for the most part it starts tomorrow. Check out for's the core discussion for this years event:
TED2008 will be our most ambitious attempt yet to deliver on that agenda. We're building our program around the biggest questions there are. And because it's TED, we'll be seeking answers not just from the sources you might expect, but by bringing together multiple voices from very different disciplines. The "Aha" moments often come from the most unexpected connections. The questions below will give you a flavor of the incredibly rich vein of possibility in this approach. Plenty of Profundity and Challenge, for sure ... but also plenty of room for Cool, Exciting and Whimsical. See the TED2008 Conference Program for details. We think you will like it very much:
Who are we?
What is our place in the universe?
What is life?
Is beauty truth?
Will evil prevail?
How can we change the world?
How do we create?
What's out there?
What will tomorrow bring?
What stirs us?
How dare we be optimistic?
And the point?

Now how cool is that?


tylerdonna said...

I think all of us can benefit from taking some time to reflect on questions like those posed at the TED conference. It's great there is a forum to encourage that type of thinking, and it's sure to lead at least some of the attendees to a change in the way they've been living their lives up 'til now. However, I think TED limits its attendees too much, and encourages the same type of people to attend, rather than opening it up to folks that may not "think of themselves as a website." Us non-techie folks have big thoughts to offer as well.

guru bengkul said...

Funny, I've yet to meet a "techie" here yet...this just came out:

This event has not yet started. It is scheduled to begin on Thursday, February 28 at 5:15pm US/Pacific. You may try this URL again 10 minutes prior to the start time.

So, you can go to this url:
and see some of the coolest events live from anywhere. At, you can see many of the presentations from this and previous years....

It was a struggle to get in, but it's definitely NOt a vanilla techie crowd!