Thursday, February 28, 2008

Isaac process

Isaac says this will be the first time he will talk about his "process". My wife would love his first comments which address his lack of sleep, something he and I share. He is convinced that it enhances his creativity. Damn if I could be as creative as he, I'd use toothpicks in my eyes if necessary!

He says he doesn't know where "inspiration" comes from, he says it's not about research, more likely from using that time he isn't sleeping to think. This is a pretty amazing guy, selling everything from the highest end couture to a line at Target. He sits up at night watches movies to see how women are portrayed and he thinks about the roles the women play and that drives his thinking. He also talks about balance. That's what it's really all about. It's a huge part of his process. He wonders, as he lies awake and watches people in movies like Natalie Wood and wonders how he can ever create anything so beautiful. It drives his desire to keep going and take it to another level. He says "a little comfort is dangerous. I get bored." It's okay if I'm slightly bored with everything, in fact, if you're a designer you have to be a little bored with

Style is great because he says it keeps you from thinking about death.

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