Friday, February 29, 2008

Robert Ballard Ocean explorer

talking about how little we really know about our oceans. 50% of USA lies under water and he says we know more about mars than our own oceans. 15% (whoops, did he say 25%?) of our planet is a 42,000 mile long underwater mountain range we didn't even explore until after we hit a golf ball on the moon. one of the things he talks about is how much of the worlds natural resources lie under the sea. they discovered bacteria that emulated photosynthesis where no light is available, creatures never before seen, all kinds of life, hydrothermal vent systems, etc.
he's totally frustrated at our lack of knowledge, he knows that going to the unknown on our planet we may find many answers. he's beginning to disseminate information and motivate children to explore and dig for knowledge earlier than any one else. he ended with comments about how we have great opportunities with existing technology to learn so much more, to use so many things to our benefit.

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