Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Intro to TED 2008

So, an interesting intro....TED is not about seeing new things, it's about seeing things in a different way. We think of the internet as's not. Every time you download a single gig, you use an energy equivalent of a fist sized piece of coal.

First talk by anthropologist Wade Davis. He's talking about the Indians at Machu Pichu. It's an amazing story of a truly sacred culture. 18 yrs of isolation with the rest of the word nothing but an abstraction, they never leave the circle at the "center of the earth". He says it's amazing that this culture, just 2 hours from Miami, prays for us and the planet as their mission in life. Wade talks about how much there is to discover, what does it mean to be human and alive? The rich tapestry of life is there for us to discover.

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