Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thomas Krens: Is Beauty Truth

As artistic Director for the Guggenheim he has transformed the art world. Even more than the art world, I've seen how the Guggenheim in Bilbao changed the entire city, it's lifestyle, demographic makeup and more, for the most part for the better. The last time I was in Bilbao, it was a dark dirty city deep in basque country and constantly in turmoil with the Basque conflict. No longer, the dirty industries are gone. Tourists actually come to Bilbao for the city itself rather than as a hub to go to Southern France or Spain.

Is it truth? Is that even the right question? Decided to pick out favorite images of his at random to share. They included images from artists like Matisse to Warhol. Traditional paintings to tumbling cars. How are all these things tied together and how do we experience them? Art Museums should reflect society and change, they have that as an obligation. The objects we see in museums are messengers to deliver the messages of another age or perhaps to another age. talked about Museums with no walls. Museums in your own house. Think about them as platforms and change agents. Connecting museums is a must for society.

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