Friday, February 29, 2008

Robert Lang Origami????? How do we Create?

He took an ancient art form and, by applying mathematical principles took it to another level. Using computers to help design, it ain't the origami we remember. Showed and amazing commercial for Mitsubishi that was ALL origami except the car. Livermore labs uses origami to help understand how to bring large lenses, up to 100 meters, into space. Stents, airbags, etc., use the mathematical formulas originally developed for an art form.


mindzeye said...

This had also been instrumental in getting large solar arrays into space and unfurled for the International Space Station. Without this, the panels would have had to been manufactured in space at great expense in development and manufacturing time.

guru bengkulu said...

He showed some of the drawings and images of the prototypes. I wasn't clear on whether it had actually been used or not. Thanks for the update.